New England Martial Arts Athletic Center
Ninja Trix Orientation Class

To all NEMA families with students ages 6 - 12 years old who want to try our new Ninja Trix orientation classes next week - please register ASAP using the link below - we have a MAX of 25 kids per each class, so anyone not registered will not be able to participate.

Family members who are currently NOT our students are WELCOME and can also register! Please note - this startup class is not for kids under 6 years old (with a few exceptions - please text RED to confirm).

We will have a separate orientation class for TEEN class - younger teens only. RED will communicate as soon as we get a date and time!

ONCE AGAIN - you MUST register for the upcoming class!

We have this available to our guests as well - please share the link on your page if you want your local town friends to participate. Offer available to individuals within a 10 miles radius of our school! Click Here to Register. 

Request Information Now!