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Are you ready to make your child safe, fit, and focused?

Get a Free Week of Taekwondo Classes in Marlborough, MA!

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What Will My Child Experience During Their Free Week of Taewkondo?

CONFIDENCE: Our Instructors Find the "Gold" in Every Child and Build on Their Strengths

SELF-DEFENSE: They Will Learn How to Defend Against the Most Common Attacks by Bullies

TEAM ATMOSPHERE: Every Kid is an Important Part of the Team and No One Rides the Bench

SAFETY and FUN: Classes Are Broken Down Step by Step and the Kids Are Always Learning New Skills and Drills

"My son has recently started as a student at NEMA with Master Cooper, Master Red, and the rest of the amazing staff there. The staff is world’s better than I could have imagined. In the last month there have been amazing small changes I have noticed with my 6 year old. He is more persistent in doing things correctly, he has gained an incredible amount of confidence, and is always excited to work hard and do better for Master Cooper. I am amazed at the transformation in the short amount of time. Every day I’m asked if it is TaeKwonDo day, because he is so eager to go back and learn more. I am so incredibly happy and proud that we have become a part of the NEMA family. We look forward to continuing at NEMA for many more years to come."

New England Martial Arts Athletic Center

With our Kids Martial Arts classes in Marlborough, we want to see your child be successful on and off the mat. At New England Martial Arts, we teach the basic moves of martial arts that every kid loves, but we also instill valuable life skills that your child can use in all aspects of their lives for years to come!

Our students gain vital self-defense moves, that not only prepare them for any situation but will keep them in great physical shape!

And the best part is, children of all backgrounds and experience levels are welcome to join. No prior knowledge is required!

Master Red, Founder of NEMA & 3rd Degree in Taekwondo and Master Kerson Cooper, 6 Dan Master Instructor "Specialist in Taekwondo"

Here's What NEMA Parents Are Saying!


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Phone 508-303-3500
Only 12 Spots Remaining Limited Time Offer!

Privacy Guaranteed

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